easy does it  
  Save Time with Live Update  

  Now you have time to make more ExpressChat.  

  talk in text or voice  
  Always on the Right DirectChat  

  Choose whom to talk to and which conversations to follow.  

  have fun  
  Let your Photos Do the Talking  

  You can easily express yourself with creativity.  

  Get Results Quickly  

  Check your traffic report to make your ExpressChat better on the fly.  

  full disclosure  
  FTC to Regulate Blogsphere  

  Spell out the connections when using isayusay to endorse products.  


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  group chat in text or Skype voice  
  Use DirectChat to Target Conversations by Attendees While Having Private and Open Chats on One Journal  
  yes, you can:  
host or join the private or open chats at will.
reply to ExpressChat with private and open chats.
lead your own DirectChat groups to hold discussions in length (500 characters).
make conversations better with ExpressChat attachments.
directly post your ExpressChat to any DirectChat groups you want.
share your DirectChat on Facebook, Twitter, or isayusay networks.
make sharing selective by visually remixing your friend list.
get to voice or video conferencing thru the Skype accounts with required accessories.
  one ExpressChat, one link  
  Broadcast your ExpressChat thru your E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter Accounts, or to your Blog and Favorite Websites  
  yes, you can:  
customize your posts, e-cards, invites, slides, or polls in a snap.
copy test your ExpressChat on the fly and compare results on the click-thru report.
update your ExpressChat anytime without having to broadcast again.
get to the ExpressChat you want thru searches and bookmarks.
browse, reply, or forward the ExpressChat from your friends without any spam risk.
track the RSVP status for members or the polling results for all respondents.
have the addresses linked to Google Maps; MP3's and videos attached to the Play button for you.